Hello world!!!

Greetings, dear visitor!!! Since this is my first entry, I feel that it’s proper for me to introduce myself to all. During the days before my birth (November 12), my father, being a huge fan of The Godfather movie (which anyone will tell you is one of the greatest movies ever made), decided to name me after two (not one) of the main characters. To avoid much of the wondering I’ll just give you a brief background of the Godfather.

The Godfather is a mobster movie about a mafia family, the Corleones, struggling to gain power over the New York crime scene. Apparently, a number of families occupy one vicinity, city or state and they fight over each other over territories for a bunch of illegal activites (protection money, gambling, etc.) that give them revenue. So the families are pretty much rivals in this story. The head of the Corleone family, Don Vito, has three sons. One was Michael, a college boy who enlists in the navy, comes home from war earning a medal and returns to college. The Don doesnt want Michael to be in the family business. The film ensinuates that he is “the smart one”. The other was Santino, a brave, hot-headed tough guy ready to take over the Mafia. The other son was just a minor character. And so my name was taken from those two characters, hoping that I magically inherit their positive qualities. Thanks for the encouragement, dad.

My name is Michael Sandino or Mike to all my friends and family. I am an aspiring architect and millionaire (hehe free to dream right?). As you’ve probably guessed from what I’ve narrated previously, I love movies. Basketball is my sport of choice, I tend to think that I understand it more than most people but I’m terribly bad at it. I also like various types of music, except classical and novelty. I’m proud to say I was in a band before (highschool glory days yeah!) so I tend to think that I hear music differently (pompous), not that I’m saying that I have special ears, its just that I like to appreciate even the littlest of sounds every instrument makes. I love comics, its the only thing from my childhood that I will never let go. I like to drink (hell yes!!!), especially on weekends with my friends. Im usually drinking beer, but I’m getting the hang of the hard stuff nowadays. I like celebrating, even the little things. I love to laugh, going on out-of-town trips, out-of-the country trips and experiencing new stuff. I’m crazy about technology, there’s just something about the future that I think is really cool, but it seems that everyone says we should live on the ‘now’ first. I think a lot about different things, ideas, quotes, expressions, events (specially in my life). And I think that’s enough about me. You’ll get to know more about me during the duration of this blog of mine called life.

So what can you expect about this blog? I like to give movies and music reviews to the best of my analytical abilities (give you a heads up on which movies are good and why). I also like to give my opinions on various subjects, about life, love, friendship, family, quitting your job, different kinds of people, how events affect us (Dr. phil, is that you?). Pretty much every brain fart that pops into my head will probably go into this blog. I’ll also let you in on the special events in my life (not that it’s of any importance), might as well celebrate it with you. One thing I’d like to avoid is posting random emo like twitter stats on my blog. I promise to veer away from that as long as I can.

The main reason for me creating this blog is for the world to know me and maybe in a special occassion or in a special way, get to know you from your comments.

So this is me saying ‘hello world!’

“I never thought I’d live to see eighteen. Isn’t that dumb? Every day I look in the mirror and say, ‘What? You still here man?!’. Like today, I woke up this morning and the sun was shining and everything was nice. I thought, ‘This is going to be one terrific day so you better live it up boy.. because tomorrow maybe you’ll be gone.”

-James Dean
Rebel Without A Cause


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