I’m folding my paper heart and sending it to you.

Paper Heart Movie Review

I would like to post this entry as a movie review pseudo-celebration of the social phenomenon known as Valentine’s Day. I find this the perfect time to review the film Paper Heart, because it aims to find the meaning of love and its very essence and we all know that during Valentine’s Day, we should give love. But in order for us to give love, we must first ask:

What is love?

A question has been asked a trillion times throughout history (maybe even more), but mankind still has no answer as to what its exact definition is to be. The usual response would be ‘one should experience, if one is to know’. (Perhaps not the exact phrasing, but you get my point)

I watched Paper Heart about a month ago. And what caught me was that the film is actually a documentary. It’s directed by Nick Jasenovec and stars Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera as fictionalized versions of themselves. Paper Heart is about Charlyne, not believing in love and she wonders around from place to place talking to people about their experiences and ultimately finding out what love is. But the whole quest of the documentary turns a corner when Charlyne learns the true meaning of love not from testimonials and interviews she gets, but from when she meets Michael and their moments in between.

Paper Heart, I would say, is an amazing film. Despite the cliché topic, it still stands out because it narrates the interviews and ultimately the story in a very original manner. I have to applaud that the interviews were very entertaining in the sense that they all differ from one another. Charlyne and Michael made a believable couple, chemistry is definitely there. And also, Charlyne’s song might sound a little weird in the beginning, but is thoroughly sweet when you listen to it a couple of times. The ending might get a little murky, but if you really pay attention to what Charlyne is saying, there’s a resolution there.  Overall the film is a very cute, funny and quirky interpretation of what love is and what it can do. Four stars out of five.

I believe that all of us at one point or another have fallen in love, even in our childhood. Everyone wants to mean something to someone, but we’re all a bit sceptical because we know that love can also be painful. The film Paper Heart encourages us to not be afraid of love, to be open to the possibilities when it comes to love. This Valentine’s Day, I send a message to all those in love and in a relationship to recognize that love is a gift and a privilege. Don’t take it for granted and treasure your significant other more. And to those who are single, Valentine’s Day is not a reminder that you are alone. This is a day not only for lovers but for all the people around us, our families and our friends. This is a day to give love and we should all give it to one another. And still, we should be hopeful that the right person will come along. There’s always someone for everyone.

So what is love? Is it just a biological reaction to a psychological state, or is there also something magical about it? Paper Heart doesn’t have all the answers (who does?), but if there’s one thing it teaches us, it’s that love will find us in the moment or in the place least expected and that we cannot escape it. I think love is a hard thing to find. When you find it, keep it.

So to all my friends, I’m folding my paper heart to paper planes and sending it to you…

from the moon,

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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