Keep calm and carry on

Welcome back! It feels like forever since I wrote something here. Never really felt that I had something to say to the world until now that I had remembered that I had a blog. I can literally feels cobwebs on my writing hands and brain as I do this so bear with me.

The movie reviews kinda stopped because I felt that it’d be silly to just tell everyone how awesome every comic book movie is. The film business is doing fine and you should watch what you want. Period.

What I really want to write about today is inspiration. What inspires us human beings to live our lives daily, go to work everyday and be all that we can be? I suddenly ponder about this because my inspiration is gone. I am currently in a profession that is upon the highest levels of awesome but offers no fuel of inspiration. No spiel of gratification. No pleasure. No happiness.

I know it’s not the work. I know it’s not the deadlines and complications and issues and problems. It can only be one thing.

I’ve lost the drive that I pride myself in having.

I pray to god that I get it back. I pray for change.

Keep calm and carry on.


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